Christmas Revival

Album Cover 2 500Our album, Christmas Revival, was released on Tuesday 17th November 2015,
and the single “Rolling up a Snowman” on Wednesday 14th October 2015:

  • New festive music depicting the meaning of Christmas in our modern life.
  • Thirteen Christmas songs and hymns with a modern choral tone
  • Listen and reflect on the meaning and joy of Christmas.
  • A “profits to charity album“.

10pcThe album is dedicated to Christine M Brecken and her wish for 10% of the net profits from the album “Christmas Revival” will go to charities”. The choice of charity will be decided by current events in the world / UK based charities for those in need.

As the song title says – “Christmas, the Giving Time”.

Should an established artist / group choose to use “Christmas, the Giving Time” as a fundraiser / charity song, then 100% of the profits will go to the cause. If you can help find anyone who would like to this then get in touch please Contact Us.

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For more information, or to buy,
please visit the Christmas Revival

The album includes:

  1. Christmas, the Giving Time: Full vocals with instrument range including piano, guitar and percussion
    Time to think about the meaning of Christmas for those in need of help.
  2. Jing-a-ling, Bells Ring: Alto with backing, glockenspiel and piano
    Bells ring and chime, festive decoration time is here.
  3. Remember Jesus: Soprano, piano, guitars, drum set and strings
    Calming flowing song describing the nativity, Jesus in our festive season.
  4. Jingle and a Jangle: Choir and piano
    Christmas jingle describing Santa’s journey to deliver Christmas cards and presents in one magical night.
  5. Heaven’s Glory: Soprano, piano and violoncello
    Peaceful and bright song describing the nativity, giving our salvation.
  6. CD 500Rolling up a Snowman: Choir and piano
    Winter’s song with early snow fall so children can roll up a snowman.
  7. Born to Save: Voices with piano
    A light nativity, life of Jesus song, to find peace.
  8. Dec’s on the Tree: Voices and piano
    Simple Christmas tree song for little children.
  9. I Believe in Christmas: Soprano, choral, violin, piano and percussion
    Christmas from the heart giving thanks for the miracle birth.
  10. Santa’s Team: Choir, jazz guitar, backing guitar and drum set
    With Rudolph and the team delivering gifts to learn the reindeer names.
  11. A Place to Stay: Soprano’s with alto, bass and piano
    Nativity in a light song, relating to the modern Christmas in our homes.
  12. Angel’s Sing: Soprano, voices, organ, keys, trumpet and percussion
    Hymn style depicting the birth and resurrection of Christ.
  13. Praise Be: Voices, piano, violin, drums and clarinet
    Joyful jig giving praise to God for the miracle birth.